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    Former home of designer Benjie Jones hits the market again

    Saturday, October 24, 2020

    October 24th, 2016 - 4 years ago today - I published a post highlighting the Virginia-Highland home of Benjie Jones, an Atlanta interior designer who passed away in June 2016. His charming Spanish-style bungalow was on the market and I was hoping that the new owner would appreciate Mr. Jones's unique finishes and color palette, mint greens walls with lots of black trim. 

    Now four years later, so fun to find the recent real estate listing that Mr. Jones's home is back on the market and that the current owner has retained Mr. Jones's whimsical style. Check out the listing photos here. 

    *Photo above from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles December 2011 issue. Read more here.

    Tom Scheerer More Decorating

    Wednesday, November 13, 2019

    Tom Scheerer More Decorating is a companion piece of sorts to 2013's Tom Scheerer Decorates, expanding upon his signature style defined by seasoned sophistication. The 16 client commissions featured span the design spectrum - city, country and coastal - paired with Scheerer's personal reflections on the design process implemented for each project. Regardless of locale, Scheerer's rooms take root in a number of design fundamentals, including a mix of fine & fresh furnishings, art & accessories and play on color palette & pattern, creating spaces that are at once elegant and effortless. This nearly 300 page hardcover is a masterclass, providing inspiration beyond the design trends and offering greater insight into the art of timeless decorating. Tom Scheerer More Decorating is a must add to your design library.

    The book's cover photo (and 2 interior photos included) are from a Park Avenue apartment that Scheerer first decorated 23 years ago. Interested in a design refresh, the homeowner once again turned to Scheerer for his expertise in retaining classic elements while adding contemporary touches - discover more below.

    *Read my previous Tom Scheerer post and ATLANTA readers take note, Mr. Scheerer will be at Bungalow Classic Thursday NOV 14th, 4-6pm, for a book signing.

    **I have Vendome Press to thank for extending me a copy to preview.

    Above: "The bold upholstery of the settee was inspired by Pauline Potter, the American wife of Baron Philippe de Rothschild. The dining table base is a mirrored cube that makes the top appear to float. The lacquered Panton chairs remain from the initial 1996 decoration. The Italian chandelier has been electrified to sparkle from within, yet retains a ring of beeswax candles for lighting at night." p.115

    Below: "A RĂ©gence chair, upholstered twenty-three years ago, still presides in the room. The nine-foot bookcases were fashioned from black-lacquered dowels, mahogany shelves, and brass 'lamp parts.' They are firmly held together by steel tension rods." p.116

    All Images Vendome Press / Francesco Lagnese Photography

    On The Market

    Friday, September 27, 2019

    The Buckhead home of Atlanta based interior designer Kay Douglass is on the market.  I've kept my copy of Veranda, the SEPT/OCT 2015 issue, that featured this 1930s Georgian Revival. In the article, Douglass provides insight into her design process.....
    "I live an edited lifestyle. It's as much about what I don't put into a room as what I do. Adding things for the sake of adding them doesn't make sense to me." - Kay Douglass

    *Read my previous posts on Kay Douglass here, here & here.

    On The Market

    Tuesday, September 17, 2019

    The Inman Park home of photographer Erica George Dines and artist Michael Dines is on the market. Thoughtful attention has been paid both indoors and out to this 3 bed/3 bath bungalow nestled within a gardener's dream setting, surrounded by this highly desired neighborhood's shops & dining. Susan Ferrier has had a hand in designing the Kitchen, pictured above and featured on the January 2013 cover of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.

    *Read my previous post on Susan's interior design work here.

    Vacation At Home

    Wednesday, September 11, 2019

    My introduction to Vern Yip came about 20 years ago, when he was part of a rotating group of interior designers included on the DIY design home improvement TV show, Trading Spaces. The episodes that featured Vern's work always reflected finished rooms rooted in a specific point of view, with Vern providing the homeowners design guidance supported by his expert skill set. Cut to nearly 2 decades later, and my immediate impression when reading his recently released, Vacation At Home: Design Ideas for Creating Your Everyday Getaway, is how Vern continues to weave this fundamental design philosophy throughout the book's pages, striking a balance of principle based instruction with attainable beauty and style.

    "Great resorts and hotels all use common strategies that we can implement in our own homes and are tailored to work for our day-to-day lives and our styles. I've adapted many of these resort principles into my own homes, and those of my clients, to help re-create that relaxed sense of being on vacation every time that home is entered." -Vern Yip, Vacation At Home

    Vacation At Home focuses in on the essence of why we love resort living. Vern dives deeper into a broader discussion on how we can lift the elements of getaway destinations that resonate with our senses and layer into our everyday lifestyles. To successfully achieve this, Vern has identified 18 strategies to implement both indoors & out, and he pairs his recommendations with inspiring images from his portfolio - including a seaside escape, a desert oasis and a ski chalet. Unpack your bags, because this all encompassing text is the ultimate tool kit in creating serene infused spaces to relax & revel in all year long!

    Join Vern for an author talk & book signing Thursday, September 12th, 7:30pm hosted by MJCCA - tickets here.

    *I have the Running Press to thank for extending me a copy of Vacation At Home to preview.

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